Yes And No Of Makeup On Sensitive Skin


As a proud member of #TeamSensitiveSkin, I can attest to the fact that doing makeup becomes quite a hassle when you have a constantly imploding skin. When your skin doesn’t favour you on a daily basis, you often feel like giving up on it. But don’t lose hope. Because after some intense research, I have narrowed down the basic yes and no’s of doing makeup on sensitive skin.

Here are some tips on how to use makeup on sensitive skin:

#1 Choose the right formula for your base products

Your primer, foundation and concealer mustn’t have harsh contents and active ingredients. Also, apply foundation and concealers only on areas where you really need them. Don’t be tempted to paint your entire face every single time.

#2 Never forget to patch test your ingredients

Whenever buying a new product, make sure you try it out. Apply a bit of it at the back of your eyes and leave it be for a couple of hours.

#3 Prep your skin with a gentle cleanser

Your skin is your makeup’s first base. Start your make up by cleansing your face with warm water, followed by a gentle cleanser. Use the might of your fingers and activate the pores within.

#4 Keep your tools clean

Your beauty blenders and brushes are your best friends. Don’t let them turn against you. Wash your brushes religiously and store them in a dry and clean environment.

It gets easier, trust me.

Toodles for now!