X-Men Is Exploring The Horror Genre With The New Mutants


We have seen the conclusion of two X-men franchises. To be honest, I liked First Class better. It had matured elements of storytelling, visual effects, and a better cast. Dark Phoenix was an unfortunate film, I think the series deserved a better ending. Now the X-men will return through ‘The New Mutants.’

I particularly like the concept of The New Mutants because it is exploring unchartered territories. As a fan, I want the X-men to come again in a fresh form. The synopsis of the film says the new mutants are learning and exploring the potential of their powers in a facility which they can’t get out of. They seemingly are being hunted and forced to defend themselves with their powers. The featured mutants will be Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Magic, Mirage, cannonball, and Demon Bear. I will not reveal their powers as it will spoil the fun.

There are a few known faces in Maisie Williams who achieved worldwide fame through Game of Thrones, she was one of the most loved characters on the show. Charlie Heaton will also be a lead in the film we know him from Stranger Things. John Hamm is supposedly playing an antagonist in the movie. Anya Taylor-Joy, who is well known for her performance in Split and Peaky Blinders will also be in the movie.

I think it is exciting that the X-men franchise is moving forward with fresh characters and faces. A whole new format of storytelling with appealing elements will attract the older fans and the new ones. The movie will come out in April.