Writing On The Screen: Movies About Writers


I’ve been ever curious about the nature writers are portrayed in movies, from their ethical conflicts to their deep personal demons. In honour of every individual who grinds his/her life on pen and paper, here are four of the most beautiful movies made about writers.


Philip Seymour Hoffman gave us his career-best work as an author in “Capote,” The movie follows Truman Capote as he wanders on assignment for The New Yorker to a Kansas town to inspect the terrible massacre of a local family. Though Capote throws everyone under the bus in work of an intense novel, he neglects to recognize that the searing consequences are what causes his experience worth studying.


This flick is based on Susan Orlean’s novel The Orchid Thief. Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman. Although an adaptation, it’s a film about creativity and writer’s block; the affairs of the novel are tangential. It’s an odd film, mixing elements of absurdist with a cordial of passionate Romantic discourse on enthusiasm and multilayered telling about writing.


A hard-hitting view at the current life of investigative journalism. Spotlight covers one case, into the central issue of minor abuse in the Catholic society, and the position of the Church in the cover-up, which would lead on to develop into one of the biggest scandals in contemporary history.

Midnight in Paris

Midnight In Paris is a charmer. It’s a brilliant and witty literary vision that presents dollops of sentimentality in a Woody Allen realm. Perceived as a memorial to the place of love, Woody Allen’s shot is about a poet attempting to solicit his own-big romance on paper.