Workout Regime To Keep That Diwali Weight Gain On Check


Diwali is the festive season of lights and binge eating. Our mothers make so many snacks and guests bring sweets, we can’t help but let our inner child be unleashed and eat it all. When its all over, and you climb the stairs, you know you’ve gained fat.

If you are a workout enthusiast, I’ve got the right regime for you to burn those extra calories, and if you don’t go to the gym, worry not I will tell you the alternative home workout also.

The Bench Press

Adjust the weight plates on the bar rod, bring to close the nipples, to begin with. Lift the bar slowly and breath out, repeat till you feel exhausted. The home alternative to this workout is push-ups.


Adjust the weights accordingly, stand in the centre of the rod, bend your knees pushing the buttock outwards, and make a 90-degree angle with your things and calves, rise. Ten reps will be enough for you if you’re doing the exercise right. You can do Squats at home without a bar also.

Cable Decline Fly

You can do many intense workouts with the cable. Cable decline fly is one of them. Set the weight on the plates you comfortable with. Begin with the stance as shown in the picture, pull downwards and squeeze. Fifteen reps and your pectoral muscles will lose fat like anything.