Wonder Woman Rides The Lightning In The Sequel Trailer


Gal Gadot’s smile as Wonder Woman took everyone’s breath away in Batman v Superman; then she whipped us into loving her in Wonder Woman. The eagerly awaited first trailer of the Wonder Woman 1984 is out, and it shows a beautiful retro theme. The first thing I noticed about the trailer is that the roles of Steve and Diana are reversed.

Diana was once a stranger to our world, and now she has mixed with society. Steve Trevor, is making a comeback and is now oblivious to the modern ways. The story of the film looks like a typical Superhero film, nothing to put your brain into, enjoy the show. Kristen Wiig is magnetic and lovely, and I would like to see more of her in the next snippets of the film.

Pedro Pascal has proven once again that he is a chameleon. He fits perfectly as the famous Maxwell Lord IV. It looks like Patty Jenkin will deliver yet another hit with DC and Gal. I have an issue with the action sequences in the trailer; they lacked originality and excitement. It felt like a rehash of old Wonder Woman action sequences. The first movie was so original that set new standards; I want this movie to hold that level of respect.

The flashback sequences were remarkable and would do a lot of good to inspire the next generation of females to achieve more than they think is possible. Wonder Woman is the beacon of light for everyone that you can maintain innocence and still be strong while fighting injustice.