Wonder What’s Psychology Behind Your Lipstick’s Color?


Your choices say a lot about you. From your hairline to your toe ring, you are an open book.

Don’t believe us? Well, you are about to.

According to a survey, women try to say a lot with their makeup and clothes. And one of the biggest propagators of it is lipstick.

In the survey, it was noted that women attribute a lot of their moods on their lippies. For example:

#1 Nude lips: Women who want to seem very warm and caring pick nude lips as their first choice. Psychologists say that by choosing nude shades, they want to appear approachable and open. Nude lips also emphasize your natural coloring.

#2 Red lips: define a woman as a creative and daring being. These kind of women are out and proud. Girls who wear red lippies are active and initiate a conversation, so be mindful of that.

Step #3: Pink lipstick wearers funky, carefree and fun-loving. It looks as good on interns as it does on senior executives. Although it is a common color, it looks distinctive on everyone in the room.

Plan your looks in a more mindful way from today.

BTW: I am wearing red today and am ready to slay the day. Hope you are too. Toodles for now. Pink lipstick wearers are perceived as more sociable and fun-loving. But pink is also the color of power: Senior executives are more likely to own a shade of pink, whereas more junior ladies wear plums or nudes.