WishCare Aloe Protein Shampoo Review


I think it is true when they say when you change your shampoo; the effects seem to change also. I was using the same shampoo for almost a year. It had ketoconazole; it was supposed to get rid of my dandruff and hairfall. That shampoo worked for a while but then from last month my dandruff and hairfall returned. I checked my water, it was fine. I realized I needed to change my shampoo.

I bought the WishCare Aloe Protein Shampoo. I was familiar with the Wishcare brand; I decided to give it a try.

The WishCare Aloe Protein Shampoo came in a large bottle with a pump to easily extract the shampoo from the bottle. To use the shampoo, I wet my hair, apply the shampoo in an adequate quantity and then massage my scalp for a minute, leave the shampoo on for another minute and rinse it off. The shampoo won’t create much lather, which is a good thing I must say.

The WishCare Aloe Protein Shampoo is free from harsh chemicals like SLS/Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, and Silicons. It is a natural product which has the ayurvedic powers of aloe vera, amla, and tomato. Together these ingredients help me retain my hair with their thickness. My hairfall reduced significantly after the use, and the dandruff was almost gone.

My scalp became healthier; I could coif my hair into whichever hairstyle I wanted. The WishCare Aloe Protein Shampoo has been a wonderful experience, and it lasts an extended period.