Winter Nailarts For A Perfect New Year Nail This Week


Winter nailarts are amazing. Not only they are cute to look at, but also, they are completely in fashion. But sometimes, it is hard for you to get a look perfected from the Pin that you have on Pinterest. So if you want to try out some similar looks, here is a complete guide for you.

Top Winter nailarts that Will Turn Heads

The Snowman and the Ombre- Cute Winter nailarts

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Winter nailarts are hard to handle, but this one is undoubtedly to grab attention. The Ombre effect, which is done on the nails is achieved with the help of a sponge. You can draw in a snowman if you want while you have a white coating on your nails. It is effortless to do. To top the look, you can use a nail bead (stone) and then put it on the hat of the snowman.

The black Christmas

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It sounds ominous, but the Black Christmas nail art is a smashing hit. Firstly you have to put a black nail polish as a base. Then you have to draw in pine trees with a nail brush and white paint. You can put some snowy effect if you want with the use of nail dotting.

The Sleek One- Gorgeous Winter nailarts

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When it comes to grabbing your friend’s peak, then this nail art will be enough. This nail art is sleek, and you can achieve the look with the matte grey color that you have at your shelve. Make sure that you put or make a line and then put a bead on top.

The Ombre and the shadow

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Another perfect head turner, this nail art is fantastic. You have to give the Ombre effect with the use of your sponge. Use the colors grey and white. Once you have done it, you can draw in some trees to make sure that it looks cute.

These Winter nailarts are undoubtedly for the smashing Christmas Party that you are about to hit in few weeks. They are amazing and one of the best things, they are not even hard to do. Just a nail dotter and some nail brush will bring your look.