Will Joker Win The Oscar For Best Picture?


When Joker premiered last weekend at the Venice Film Festival, it received widespread acclaim. One week later it has captured the Golden Lion, aka the festival’s top prize. 

In a slight over a month, Warner Bros. will deliver the latest DC Comics adaptation Joker — an origin tale of Batman’s arch-nemesis— and if you thought The Dark Knight and Logan advanced the barriers of adult drama and Oscar element for these types of films, Joker is about to raise the stakes. This movie about one of our most famous pop-culture villains with a high profile performer and trailers evoking great buzz. The recent reports of Joaquin Phoenix as a possible Best Actor challenger at the Oscars are sure to rise Joker’s must-see status.

Well, the film hasn’t been released yet even though, based on the knowledge accessible, we believe that a better reasonable question would be, “How many Oscars will it win?” Most of the awards argument has centred around Phoenix, which is justifiable; what audiences have experienced in the clips alone has kindled a firestorm of online debate about whether his act as the Clown Prince of Evil will surpass the late Heath Ledger, whose burst at the role in 2008’s The Dark Knight has come renowned and received the artist a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Defining by the critic’s reaction and assertions made by Phillips, however, it looks possible that Joker could score nominations in various categories — Best Actor, Best Director, and perhaps in Best Picture.

In a period in where Avengers: Endgame — the biggest superhero movie ever, and the highest-grossing picture of all time made history, Joker looks graced to be the most talked-about movie of the period in any category. We expect that the flick will add multiple statues, bonkers box office, and seal the new path of Warner Brothers’ family of DC — singular, filmmaker-driven films with a loose significance on universe-building.

Joker strikes the big screen on October 4.