Widows: The Perfect Heist Film


I was utterly disappointed when Widows didn’t get Oscar nominations. It had all the technical elements to called atleast an oscar nomination worthy film. The cast performed with pure emotions, the script was dark and gripping, and the editing near perfect.

There are many aspects to reading a movie, some of which include the cinematography, the sound effects, lighting, and direction. I would give all of these aspects a 9/10 rating.

We’ve talked about female empowerment in a lot of films, but we haven’t spoken about female survival in much of the films. The ensemble of Widows is based upon a heist gone wrong where four men die in an explosion with the money in an escape gone awry. Now, the victim (a gangster turned politician) of the robbery is threatening to kill the widows of these men unless they return the money.

These widows are living hand to mouth, and don’t see a way out unless they plan a dangerous heist. Then begins a tale of twists, turns, and guns. The film brilliantly portrays the plight of betrayal, and the will of women. Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn created an explosive heist film which will not let you get up from your seats.

Each of the performances deserves applause. Viola Davis is resolute as always, Liam Nesson has acted anew and brilliant. You will love the movie even if you are not a heist fan so buckle up and watch it ASAP.