Why You’ve Got Mail is One of The Most Romantic Classics of All Time


Online romance is not only a trend but a lifestyle today. We swipe right to seek a partner, we DM to ask for a date. All of this has a beautiful origin, the AOL chatrooms in the 90s era. Unlike today, people were new to this chatting world. They were curious and talked sensibly while trying to make friends or find a genuine love interest.

The Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred You’ve got mail is about the same thing. They are two strangers who chat through Email with their user names. They have one thing in common; they love books.

They start liking each other but there is this little issue, they both are in relationships. I won’t spoil further about how the story goes, but I can assure you there are some mesmerising twists and turns in the story.

You’ve got mail is about the end of the past and beginning of the new. It’s about adapting to life as it comes to you and to follow your heart. The chemistry between Meg and Tom was magical; it gave my lonely heart a hope that I may find someone with whom I can share my love of books.

The film has a heart; it has love, it has everything you need to believe in love. I sincerely request you to watch the movie if you haven’t already. The most important thing you will learn from watching. You’ve got mail is how to have a decent and genuine conversation.