Why Should You Not Wear Jewellery At The Gym?


You must have noticed certain warnings when you enrol for the gymnasium. One such warning that stays universal is that one should avoid wearing jewellery to work out. The jewellery should be taken off before activities and stored in a place somewhere secure to avoid the damaging of the jewellery, sports equipment and also oneself. 

In order to avoid hurting others, the gym instructors tell us to get them removed. I once encountered a middle-aged woman struggling to get off her long pendant, which was stuck in the handle of a machine where she was exercising. She ended up getting hurt and had bruises on her neck. It is also common to find people getting stuck their studs on equipment that can cause tears and long-time scarring.

Rings look good on our hand and seem to cause the least trouble when we work out, right? They don’t cause hinderance during running or pushing or pulling. If it occurs that your finger gets injured and swells, then it might become for you to remove your rings, thus causing circulation issues. Degloving the finger might seem trouble while climbing a wall as I had witnessed that when a person went for a stretch for a hole with the left hand, he got his finger stuck in the slot. The ring kept him hanging, thus caused extreme pain.

Many youngsters have their body pierced. This trend is quite popular amongst the millennials. But there is injury danger to the wearer from any type of piercing. Earrings have the highest tendency of getting torn as they have huge chances of getting caught on the clothing or sporting equipment. Even simple stretch might cause harm to the hole and lead to its tearing. 

You should know the healing duration and hygiene that one needs to look into before getting a piercing done. If one takes part in any sports activities, the jewellery must stay in the place more than the time it was planned for. The expected healing time may vary so one must make a prior report about this. One must be sure to keep these details in mind of the season is about to start. As the skin and tissue around the piercing is an open wound, it acts as a sensitive skin thus more prone to infections if touched with dirty hands. In addition to one’s own sweat, dirt and other bacteria shared on the equipment would lead to more body exposing to certain germs and thus can cause infection.

In conclusion, you have all the knowledge now to remain aloof of that daily jewellery that they wear during working out. Ultimately, the best practice for athletes is to always remove body jewellery before playing any sport. If there are certain circumstances that might make you wear your jewellery, make sure that you don’t get caught up somewhere that might lead to dangerous outcomes.