The Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro is celebrated every year before the lent, the next dates of the carnival are from February 21 to 26th. It is the biggest carnival in the world where twenty million people attend carnival every day. The carnival is held since its inception in 1723. The best Samba schools of Rio travel around the city to perform Samba. There are atleast 200 schools who will perform in the next year’s carnival.

The exotic carnival is full of adornments and floats, making it the greatest show on Earth. Men and women dress up in exotic and appealing clothing and celebrate the arrival of summer. They dance around the city wearing masks. No one is a stranger at the time of the carnival, and the whole city becomes one huge party.

The main stadium of the carnival ‘ Sambódromo’ can accommodate more than 80,000 guests and 5,000 participants of the parade. The stadium is filled with happiness and drum noise. The dazzle and moves of the samba dances will take you a realm of partying. Many celebrities from the world participate in the festival, and they also practice sincerely along with other participants.

The parties get bigger and interest and a test of your stamina as each day that comes brings more drinking and dancing with all these lovely people. If you want to be a genuine part of the carnival, costumes are mandatory. You can be anything you want. The Rio carnival is a sexually charged atmosphere; the true freedom of human sexuality is expressed and experienced at the carnival. It is the greatest part you will ever witness.