Why You Should Add Cucumber Into Your Daily Diet


I eat atleast one cucumber daily. A pinch of salt and pepper sprinkled on the slices, and they are good to eat. Cucumber is one of the best fruit you can have (Yes, cucumber is a fruit). It is full of nutrients and can benefit you in several different ways and most importantly, it is low in calories and rich in fiber. You would also start having cucumber in the diet once you learn the health benefits of consuming cucumber.


Antioxidants block free radicals which can cause several different illnesses in our body when they are accumulated inside. You should eat a bowlful of cucumber fir an adequate amount of antioxidants in your body.

It’s hydrating

Humans take 40% of their required water from fruits and vegetables. Cucumber is comprised of a whopping 96% of water. It will help you reach your daily limit of water levels.

It aids in Weight loss

Being a low-calorie fruit having a bowlful of cucumber will make your belly full thus helping you cut down those fatty calories. A cup of only 104 grams contains 16 calories.

High in nutrients

Cucumber has no fats and contains these vitamins and minerals: Protein, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, Magnesium, potassium, and manganese.