Why You Should Add Amla (Indian Gooseberry) In Your Daily Diet


Amla has many names in India. Amalika, Neelikkai, and Amalaki are the common monikers of Indian Gooseberry. Amla is so rich in vitamin-C that about two oranges make the equivalent of one tiny Amla in vitamin- C content.

Apart from this, Amla has numerous health benefits which are why you should add it in your daily diet. It is hailed as a highly nutritional medicinal herb. Amla is one of the best foods to boost your immune system. You can consume Amla in many forms. Raw, powder, or juice. I prefer amla juice just after waking up on an empty stomach.

It’s Good for your hair

One of the biggest problems people face these days is hair fall. It happens mainly because of the lack of vitamin-C in your body. As I mentioned earlier, Amla is the most abundant source of Vitamin-C will aid in your hair health. It will also prevent premature greying of hair, and hair thinning.

A help in diabetes

Consumption of amla aids in the regulation of your blood sugar. People who are suffering from diabetes should consume Amla daily. It promotes healthy liver function too. Amla is alkaline in nature; any alkaline food will help in the regulation of your blood sugar levels.

Helps digestion

Amla is rich in fibre, which aids smooth and regular bowel movements. If you consume Amla before your meals, it will help your gastric juices absorb the nutrients in a better way.

Promotes eye health

The vitamin-C present in Amla will strengthen your eye muscles and defend you against bacterias, conjunctivitis, and other eye infections. It also relaxes your eyes when they are in stress.