Why We Should Switch To A Plant-Based Diet


We were kept away from the truth for a long time about the facts of the foods we consume. We were told that sugar does not harm us; nothing could be farther from the truth. It was a common practice to eat meat, and we never knew how acidic it was and damaging our organs slowly.

As the age of information and social media took over, the world of food became a little more transparent, and things start to make sense. The secrets to health are elementary, never go extreme on acidic diets. Give your organs a break from processing the sugars and the meats. Plant-based foods are the best alternatives to try.

It is healthier

A plant-based diet will lead you to defend against diabetes and cancers. It will also reduce hypertension and will keep your gut healthy and full of probiotics which help your stomach to absorb the necessary nutrients. A plant-based diet will never make you gain weight also.

It is suitable for the enviornment

Happy woman on the sunset in nature in summer with open hands

Eating a vegan diet reduces about 73% of greenhouse gas emissions of an individual. Preparing for processed meats requires to take down forests for palm oil plantations and increase the grasslands for the cattle. This results in the rise of global warming.

It is good for the animals

Isn’t it obvious? If you eat plants, you save an animal from being slaughtered. If you think how will you get the protein for your muscles without meat? Think where do Elephants get their protein? From plants only. Have an amino acid-rich diet; and you will gain muscle strength.