Why There Won’t Be Another Show like Mad Men


Mad Men is a term coined by the advertising agencies for themselves who worked at Madison Avenue, New York in the 1960’s era. When I watched the first episode, I was intrigued, but I had one complaint, the pace was quite slow.

As the show went on episode after episode, I realized it was one of the best shows on tv, and I should watch it focus. Let me tell you why I am singing laurels for an advertising industry show that is set like a period drama.

Don Draper is World War II veteran and is the creative director at a successful firm Sterling Cooper; he is a charming and seductive man who knows the world of advertising like the back of his hand. There isn’t a brand who wouldn’t want him to market their products; there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t sleep with him. He has a loving family and a wife who tries her best. Don also carries a dark secret; he is not who he claims to be.

Man Men is a profound look at the morally corrupt corporate world of advertising. The darkness that money and success bring is perfectly portrayed by the characters of the show. Also, Mad Men is a brilliant insight into sales business, and the lessons you learn by watching the show will make you a salesman people won’t say no to. “Keep it simple, but significant,” says Don Draper.

John Hamn has given the performance of his career, Elisabeth Moss was exceptional, January Jones portrayed the antagonistic wife with sheer elegance, and the rest of the cast held the show together like superglue.

Apart from a great script, the show is technically brilliant; it was not easy to create the old New York era. The best thing about the show is that it is timeless. You can watch it twenty years from now, and you will feel connected to the stories and characters.