Why the Movie “Up” has the Best and Most Shocking Opening Sequence of Pixar (Spoilers Ahead)


Pixar always makes movies which touch our hearts and they always tell a story which is unique and unheard before. From Toy Story to Monsters Inc. From Wall-E to Inside out, Pixar has changed the game of animation industry.

Among all these great films, there is one film which made me believe in love again, “Up.” The first eleven minutes of UP told a love story in such a beautiful and heartwarming way that I finally understood love in its true depth. Love is not something romantic idea that everything will be perfect and smooth. Love means cherishing your partner no matter your differences or their flaws.

The lifelong journey of Carl and Ellie was shown in a brief period of time and it was better than what most filmed could show in 3 hours. I think the bond and love of Carl and Ellie is something we secretly desire ourselves.

Why it is the most shocking movie beginning in all the Pixar films?

Pixar movies are known for their element of emotions and making people care about every single character. People can die but love is eternal, that’s what Carl proved when Ellie leaves him after spending a lifetime together. The decision to let Ellie depart was a bold and unprecedented one by the writers. It set the tone for the rest of the film and the whole saga of Carl trying to reach Angel Falls becomes a testament to his love for Ellie.

Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for his love for Mumtaz. Carl Fredrickson made his home fly. Love really has no boundaries. If love is just a moment, the moment is enough to feel alive for a lifetime.