Why The Retro Show Small Wonder Should Be Rebooted


Our childhood was defined by the hours in the playground with friends, and the hours we spent sitting in front of a T.V., watching our favourite shows. When I recollect those beautiful memories, I feel like a child again. The family shows today are not providing the simplicity and culture that should mend a child into a kinder person. I am sorry to say this, but we know it’s the harsh truth.

There was a show namely, Small wonder which stole my heart. It was funny, it had emotions, and most of all, it had Vicky the robot, aka (Voice Input Child Identicant (V.I.C.I.). The show follows the story of the Lawson family where the father, Ted Lawson has developed an Artificially Intelligent robot, Vicky. Vicky lives with the Lawson family as an adopted daughter, and nobody outside the family knows that she is a robot.

Those who remember about this cute family know that today’s kid needs this show. The industry has the means to make this show more interesting and technologically advanced. It would be quite a learning for the young folks, who know someone watching the show may grow up to become the next tech revolutionary.

Amid the technological era, both us and the children have forgotten the value of innocence and family. Art is the first step to invoking change. Maybe the reboot of Small wonder would be the best chance to do so.