Why The Blindside is The Best Feel-Good Movie of All


The blind side is the true story of Michael Oher, An NFL offensive tackler whose early life was a struggle as he was a foster kid. When Leah Anne Tuohy witnessed him and his plight, she adopted Michael like a son.

Michael showed some great protective instincts in the PT class as was selected for the school football team. In 2009 he was drafted by the “Baltimore Ravens” as an offensive tackler.

What makes this movie special is the innocence of Michael and the kindness of the Tuohy family. As soon as Leigh Anne opened the door for Michael to stay for a few days, he developed a special bond with her son S.J.

To me, Leigh Anne is a remarkable human being who raised against the racist stereotypes and gave a home to a wonderful young boy who happens to be black.

She receives a lot of frowns from her friends, but she was adamant, and so was her family. Leigh Anne cared for Michael since she met her as if she saw through his eyes and into his soul. When Michael struggles in academics, which was also an issue for him to be in the football team, she stood up and uniquely motivated her son Michael.

People like Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy are the example of humanity that needs to be followed all over the world. The blind side is the perfect family movie which will inspire you to do something meaningful out of your life too.