Why Should You Plan At Least One Trip In A Month?


Whether we love or hate our jobs, all of us need a break to recharge our batteries and what can be better than jetting off to a new place? So here I am with some simple reasons regarding why you need to take a chill pill at least once in a month.

Unearth the hidden skills in you: Who would have known that you had a skill for organising? Or that the scenic beauty inspired the blogger in you? Exploring new places brings out the hidden dimensions of our personality that eventually translates into better work performance.

Travelling could be educative. Different places have their own histories and customs which makes them unique. For example – Would you have known the differences between the South and North Indian temple architectures if you hadn’t visited them? Exploring places can give you a new perspective and help you break your stereotypes. May be South India is not just about Idli, Sambar and Dosa.

All of us need a break. Our minds cannot work like robots which we are gradually turning into. Letting go of our worries might work wonders for your tired mind. Let your mind free and allow your soul to regain its strength. We need this break to deal with all toxicity thrown our way.

What could be a better way to make friends than travelling? Yes, you can argue that we have Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram etc. However, nothing beats having a heart-to-heart conversation with a stranger who turns into a lifelong friend. Human connect can never beat technology no matter how advanced it is. Also, only locals would be able to tell you the best places to get a drink or a souvenir or some fun activity which you might not find on the internet. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, you might even meet your Geet or Naina or Tara and their male counterparts on the way!

So have I convinced you enough? Or should I give more reasons? Either way, let me know what your travel plans are!