Why School Of Rock Is A Must-Watch For Every Music Lover


I am a fan of the director Richard Linklater. His creative vision is so distinct from other filmmakers. His work has solved so much for life. Each instance is a great learning from his movies. But, there is a particular favorite movie of mine, School of Rock.

The best thing about Jack Black is that he never disappoints in his performances. The charisma he carries is like an electronic magnet; you just cannot take your eyes off him. He plays Dewy Finn, a brilliant guitarist who believes too much in his dream to be working as anyone else but a musician. He recently got kicked off his band and has no money to survive or pay rent. His best freind always takes care of him despite his fiancee’s hate with Dewy.

To earn some side money, Dewy cons his way into a school as a substitute teacher for which he does not qualify. So what happens next is hilarious with a musical twist — dewy forms a band with talented kids to take part in a rock band competition.

School of rock is a symbol for us to explore our inner artist and to never give up on our dreams. If you truly believe in your art, you will find people who will help you get there. School of rock is the right amount of funny, nostalgia, and rock and roll.