Why Modi ‘Retreated’ From the NRC and Why it Will Remain on the BJP’s Agenda


In case you haven’t been living under the rock, the last few days have been pretty unravelling for the Republic of India. The entire country saw an uprising, as protestors of the CAA and NRC bill, were brutally beaten up by the Delhi Police.

Since then over a million people have hit the streets, voicing their protest against both the controversial bills and the police brutality. One of the results of these protest in the uneasy of BJP.

Media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian and the BBC, widely covered the ongoing events and minced no words in their reporting.

The international reaction to the CAA, combined with the overnight mobilisation of the country’s youth, seriously rattled Modi and his party. Since then, BJP has made countless media appearances, counter-rallies and social media stunt to curb the damage.

Last week, PM Modi took it on the campaign trail and dismissed all the talks of a nationwide “NRC”. He went so far and declared that there are no detention camps being built in the country, which is a lie and has been reported widely throughout media channels.

In the past interviews and parliamentary sessions, Home Minister Amit Shah has mentioned “NRC” more than 23 times. Defense Minister, Rajnath, Ex-Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and the PM himself have talked about it on more occasions than one. nd so, even if the party has sidetracked from its initial promise, it is highly unlikely that they will push the idea of a nationwide NRC off the table.

More updates to come. But for now, don’t hold your breaths for a clarifying statement from the BJP.