Why Martin Scorsese Doesn’t Think Marvel Movies Are Cinema?


There are many people out there who have championed for Marvel movies. The DC universe has churned out superheroes by the dozen. Each hero has a staunch fandom that waits with bated breath for the next release on the big screen. The love and loyalty to the brand are humungous. 

But there is one person who does not quite enjoy watching these comics turned into great films. Martin Scorsese who has an illustrious career of 50 years as a director has directed films that have gone on to become iconic. Many big names have worked with this talented man and his opinions are highly revered by all. 

However, in a recent sit down with a magazine, he revealed something that invited the fury of many people. Scorsese feels that while the Marvel movies are well directed and the actors have put in a lot of hard work given the circumstances they shoot in, however, the end product reminds him of theme parks. He fails to find anything human in it. 

The Oscar-winning filmmaker believes that cinema should convey the emotional and psychological experiences to another human being. Which to be honest, many films are known for. 

Scorsese has obviously offended many with his statement which came about during the promotional rounds of his next film, ‘The Irishman’. It has sparked a furore amongst all on social media and has saddened director James Gunn, a name synonymous to the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Yet he maintains he will always have respect and love for the Martin who he considers a strong influence. 

All is not lost! Marvel movies will always find success if they track records are to be seen. Many find the films to be good escapism from the hectic lives we all live. It feeds the fantasies of a plethora of minds that jump at the visuals of a superhero saving the world.