Why Is It Impossible For Humans To Live On The Moon?


You may find it quite surprising, but the last time a human stepped on the surface of the moon was in 1972. Yes, almost four decades ago. Though, this doesn’t mean that we have not learned anything about the place. Space agencies like NASA and SpaceX have studied the surface and conditions of the moon during this time. In the last four decades, we have learned that the moon’s environment is harsh, but there are some similarities with our home planet. And, this is because of the theory which says that the process of the moon’s formation is similar to that of the Earth. Though, the moon may seem like just another planet it is quite different. The biggest one of them is that planets orbit around a star, whereas the moon orbits around a planet. But, over the years, space agencies have taken this time to show us many dreams. And, one of those is humans living on the moon. There’s nothing wrong in making people believe those dreams, but there’s a whole different story when you wake up from it. There are several things that need to be considered before even thinking about settling on the moon. In this article, we will be talking about them.

The atmosphere of the moon.

We all are on this earth because of its atmosphere. And, when it comes to the moon, it doesn’t have an atmosphere. The reason behind it is that the moon is not geologically active. It does not release any gases, and without that, it is impossible to form an atmosphere. And even if, somehow the gases are formed, the lower gravitational force on the moon would make it difficult to hold on the molecules. Though, I need to clarify that heavier molecules are present on the moon which forms an exosphere.

The difference in days and nights on the moon.

The atmosphere is not the only reason why we cannot live on the moon. Another contributing factor is the length of days and nights. According to reports, days and nights on the moon last for about 14 Earth days each. And, that itself is a huge number. It means we will have to live one complete day and night would take 672 hours to complete and that is equal to 28 days on the Earth.

The problems with temperature.

Again, another huge problem that the days and nights of the moon have is their temperatures. During the daytime, the temperature can reach 250 °F (121 °C). Whereas, during the nights it can go as low as -380 °F (-229 °C). Now, surviving in these types of environment is impossible for humans. And, even if we want to, then we would need special suits that will cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

No protection from the sun and gravity is also a problem.

The earth is being protected by the ozone layer from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. Whereas, the moon does not have any kind of protection. This would lead to skin cancer and other problems which will make surviving on the moon extremely difficult. Another thing is that the gravity on the moon’s surface is one-sixth that of the Earth. This will impact the nervous systems of humans and even muscles and bones.

The problem of water.

Yes, there is the presence of ice on the moon, but converting it into the water is not as easy as it sounds. To create water from the surface of the moon, the ice needs to be heated to over 1500 °F (815 °C). To achieve this, we would need a high-tech solution and then establish it on the surface.

So, these are some of the factors which suggest that settling on the moon currently is out of our reach. Another interesting fact is that even if we can achieve all these things, it would cost around $10 billion to properly settle ten humans on the moon. So, let us forget about it and try to make the earth a better place for all of to live.