Why Is ‘Her’ One Of The Greatest Movie Scripts Of All Time?


Art must solve something. Since centuries it has been the aim of art to help the broken through expressions. Those artists who have understood this very notion work less but work great. It takes years to carve out a great story and its execution. Spike Jonze has made very few feature films, the best of them all is Her.

Her comes in the top five films of my greatest movies ever list. The concept and enviornment of the movie is such a vision in itself, and to make it about love, relationships, and the complications that follow is once in a lifetime work of art.

Her is a futuristic film in which artificial intelligence is evolved exponentially, and computers have a personality and nature of their own. Theodore Twombly (Juaquin Phoenix) is a recently divorced writer who bought a new AI operating system; her name is Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). As Samatha learns that Theo is a lonely man, she understands him on a level no one ever has, they form a relationship.

Her captures all phases of relationships in a beautiful way. The characters express feelings that every lonely lover wants to but never found the voice to say them out loud. It gave me the notion that even when someone leaves, they remain a part of you. The cinematography helped the movie to convey a deeper meaning. The conversations were targeted to take the audience into a zone which they could relate most with. The film won the hearts and minds of the viewers by keeping it all cute. He won the Oscar for Best Screenplay; the movie deserved it.