Why Indian Parents Ignore Teenage Depression?


Depression is a made-up word by the Western culture, you go out and get some air, nothing is wrong, you are just in a bad mood. I guess most of the depressed Indian teens when they confess their plight to their parents about their situation get a reply like this. You honestly are a lucky one if your parents are understanding and supportive of your anguish.

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Sometimes I don’t understand Why can our parents embrace the fact that a person at any age, be it a 10-year-old to a 90-year-old can suffer from dark situations and it can affect your mental health. The fact that everybody’s coping mechanism is different and sometimes it is good to just listen to what is eating up that person from inside may give them hope that tomorrow can be better and the will to fight their inner daemons.

Most of our Indian parents don’t understand the gravity of any mental illness. This regressive approach that bad things happen to other people is the core of the problem. I can’t blame the parents entirely because they lived in a society where mental illness was considered equal to being insane, nothing can be farther than the truth. Their fear that our child will be rejected by society thwarts their reason, and the consequences can be dire sometimes. Our parents actually must know it before us because obviously the emotional bind and if they are saying “we know you better than you know yourself” is all a myth if your parents don’t understand how miserable and vulnerable your situation is.

Depression is numbness of mind, you feel this emptiness and think that it will stay forever. You lose your will, lose your sense, and slowly you lock yourself in a dark room inside your own mind. Depression does not mean sadness. Those who are laughing by your side can be suffering from it.

I from the bottom of my heart feel that this is a highly cautious situation that is being kept lowkey but should be accepted by our parents with open arms, knowing the problem is the first step towards the cure. Our human machinery is very complex. You’ll never know what can affect a person. So be aware, be polite, be helpful and don’t lose your humanity.