Why I Visited Tulum, Mexico


Lately, it appears like everybody is flying to Tulum, at least from Bengaluru. I formed proposals to stay at Cancun, Mexico for a solo trip and determined I wanted to see what all the hype in Tulum was about!

Tulum is renowned for its mild, silver sandy shores and settled back vibe. There are indeed two parts to Tulum: the initial quiet town that feels now developed with saloons, scuba shops and economical hotels, and the waterfront strip.

I flew to Tulum in mid-November, and the shores were great–I didn’t encounter any of the alga issues that some colleagues had pointed out. The weather was intensely hot, about 90 degrees every time and I easily picked up a deep tan.

Individually I would suggest totaling 3 to 4 days in Tulum. This is sufficient time to see the wrecks, make a period trip or two if you call for, and even have enough time to relax on the coast and sample the best.

I very much suggest seeing the venerable Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. Visiting wonderful, eerie cenotes to submerge or scuba dive and float with turtles in the sea at Akumal.

To appreciate the wholesome adventure, you can delve into Tulum by yourself, with a traveling guide or by viewing this guide on all you need to know about seeing Tulum.