Why Family Guy Resonates More With Millenials Than The Simpsons


The Simpsons is a legendary show, anyone who says otherwise is an utter fool. There was a time when the success of your career was scaled by if you were a guest star on the Simpsons or not? To run for such historic lengths, and maintain an audience for almost three decades is no child’s play.

The Simpsons inspire family guy; it is openly confessed by Seth Mcfarlane, the creator of the show, who, by the way, also stars as several characters including Peter Griffin, Brian, and Stewie. The millennial generation admires the Simpsons but loves Family Guy. I pondered on the question for a while, watched re-runs of both the shows and this is what I observed –

While the Simpsons created a fun atmosphere for all the families, Family Guy is more like a walking meme. The show holds no bar in insulting whoever they chose to; maybe it’s the character arc that holds the show together. Homer Simpsons does not have friends like Peter; he doesn’t have a perverted friend like Quagmire or a crippled cop like Joe. The family guy always speaks about the things we don’t talk out loud about.

A cutaway gag

Simpsons has created a structure of entertainment that has worked so far with little tweaks, and it is imperative to mention that their prediction of the future is eerily accurate. I firmly believe that the writers of the Simpsons are time travelers. The cutaway gags of Family Guy is the hilarious aspect of the show.

In conclusion, I can only say that both the shows are utterly special, but Family Guy invests more in challenging their boundaries. On the other hand, the Simpsons is a seasoned show which offers more than just comedy.