Why Costa Rica Is One of the Best Travel Destinations In The World?


Travel agencies state that people are keen to visit Costa Rica. Well, even we were clueless about why people think of visiting Costa Rica! So I made my a research on what makes people think that they should travel here! To start with this country has been listed as one of the popular travel destinations in the last few years. 

So here is the exclusive list of why people think that Costa Rica should be on their bucket list. 

The country has vast and unique biodiversity

Costa Rica is made up of 13,000 plants, 2,000 different types of moths, 4,500 butterfly species, 160 amphibians, 220 reptiles, 1600 types of fish. Flora and fauna are quite observant here, and so this is what drives more nature lovers here. Costa Rica offers visitors a real experience amongst lush green environs. 

Beaches call you! 

Costa Rica has almost 300 beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coastline, wherein each and every beach leaves a different impression. The weather on the beaches is quite welcoming. One can refresh in the water and stay comfortable. If you are planning to runway from chilling weather, then this country serves you better. Various fun activities can be performed here like aquatic sports like snorkelling, swimming, unforgettable landscapes and mesmerising scenery. 

Considered to be the happiest country in the world

Since Costa Rica is army-free to maintain peace, neutrality and freedom, this place has witnessed a life expectancy of 79 years, various aspects that are held responsible for this is reason are education, health system and many more. The fact that the area is surrounded by serenity adds on to improve anyone’s mood.

Fits your budget 

The average spend of a tourist in Costa Rica implies that if planned on time, Costa Rica definitely fits the budget of vacation planners. So plan ahead of time and get your tickets booked and get that vacation.

It is Safe!

It is absolutely true that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in the world to give a visit. A woman can travel safely here, according to the USA today.