Why Black Friday Was Banned In India?


Black Friday is one of the most controversial movies in India. It was banned for nearly four years. The famous filmmaker Anurag Kashyap fought gallantly to release the movie, but it took its time. It is one of the darkest and most realistic movies I have ever seen. The 1993 Mumbai blasts were one of the most disharmonious times in India. Black Friday told the truthful story behind the blasts, both before and after.

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As citizens of this great and noble nation, we had the right to know what happened during the Bombay (now Mumbai) riots which ultimately lead to the horrific bombings, that shook the whole world. The cast of Black Friday did a marvellous job portraying the characters and creating a realistic experience for the viewers.

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The movie is deeply disturbing and showed how terrorists use low-income families to be tied into their rings and execute inhumane acts. Black Friday was made to be released in 2004. The accused men and women filed a stay for the release of the film till the verdict is decided. They said it would damage their reputations in the country and may influence the case. In India, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even though it was obvious who committed these heinous crimes, The Hon’ble Court issued a stay for the release of Black Friday.

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The final verdict was given in 2007, after that, the movie was released and met with critical acclaim and since then Anurag Kashyap has a cult fan following