Why Band Of Brothers Is the Greatest Miniseries Ever


A man rushes through a lush green field, no man in sight. His heart is pounding even though there seems to be no threat around. While striding, he unlocks his rifle and cocks it forward, and climbs up a hump; he sees a soldier waiting in ambush but looking the other side.

The man sitting is perplexed. Before he could aim, two bullets pierce his temple. The German company heard the gunshots and wheel around. Major dick winters have initiated a foray and rest of the “Easy company joins him in the assault.”

Band of Brothers is the true story of “Easy Company” the “101 Airborne Division”. Produced by Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks (Who also directed one episode) the miniseries comes as close to reality it can be while re-enacting World War II. The valor and endurance of E-Company were one of the major reasons for the American Victory in Germany, France, and Belgium.

In my opinion why it is the greatest miniseries ever? Because the show has covered each and every aspect of war perfectly, including the action, the sacrifice, the brutality, the reality, and the emotions. Be it the blistering cold or pouring rain, E-Company never stopped till they won the war.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes were when they discovered the Nazi Concentration camps to conduct Ethenic cleansing of the Jews. I was never the same since that moment.

The cast acted brilliantly and it was a launching pad to one of the great actors of today like Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and Sherlock star Andrew Scott.

It will be learning and a privilege if you chose to watch Band Of Brothers.