Why Atlanta Is The Prodigious Work Of Donald Grover


There have been many shows, but some stay in your mind for a long time. Donald Grover created Atlanta to explore his creative depths which ironically reached the sky. The show is based on the Atlanta Rap culture, which is probably the most opportunistic city for young rappers to make a name for themselves.

Alfred Miles AKA ‘Paper boi’ (Bryan Tyree Henry) is emerging as a rapper who’s lyrics depict the street life from a new perspective. His cousin Earn (Donald Glover) is managing his music career. Their third wheel, Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) creates all sorts of trouble for the three of them.

The show explores the streets of Atlanta and the unseen weirdness that surrounds it. Donald Glover has approached the show to symbolize the social and economic problems of an American citizen and the black community.

I have not seen a script quite like Atlanta in a while, and each episode brings something new to my learning of life and the life of a struggling artist. The songs, plots, acting, and comedy of Atlanta is remarkable, and it deserves the praise its been getting. In just two seasons, Donald Glover has shown that he is a multitalented star with a vision that can invoke change and laughter in his followers.