Why Are Women Not Safe In India?


India ranks 133 among 167 listed countries in Women Safety, it is a shameful rank for such a great nation. Who is to blame for such horrific conditions, that our mothers, sisters, and daughters don’t feel safe? Is it the Government? is it the Police? or is it us, the men of this country?

I am sorry to say that we have a patriarchal culture in India which suppresses women, their potential, and their happiness. Feminism and gender equality are distant dreams where females can’t walk freely in their own neighbourhood. Even liberal parents who don’t believe in a Patriarchial society are afraid for their daughters because they don’t know what sort of monster will make them prey. I asked why is that our society has such blatant disregard for women?

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I found my answers in the homes of people, rich, middle-class, or poor; wherever mothers were treated as an object or a servant. Those kids who spend their childhood seeing their mothers being berated by the family, especially by their fathers are the ones who see all women as an object of desire and abuse. I hate to say this, but this is the brutal truth. Men have to hold a better standard for their kids. The element of women safety lies in our own minds.

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Thanks to revolutionary movements like #metoo and female activism, we are shifting towards a more respectful future for women. The government needs to also be more strict towards making India safer. I think chemical castration should be the punishment for rapists, and none of the politicians who are facing rape charges should not be allowed to take part in the election. If fear and dominance is the tactic of the predators, it should be the tactic of the defenders also.