As per statistics collected by ScreenRant, it’d come out that Amazon’s The Boys is considerably more popular than any of the programs in Netflix’s DefendersVerse, including Daredevil, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones.

While the momentous battles between superheroes have stood on the big screen with massive costs and tons in return as Marvel and DC slug it out, a narrower scale battle is drawing place on TV, and an unlikely winner has emerged.

Prime’s new show mostly succeeds in a single bound, too, thanks to a pilot that’s short on exposition, but packed with style, brave storytelling, and a sense of belonging in 2019.

Lest we forget, superheroes have always been at their most relevant when reflecting real-world politics, and The Boys succeeds in doing that without pulling any punches. It’s a worthy addition to TV’s increasingly extensive superhero roster – and one that asks some serious questions of its more by-the-number peers.

In an interesting switch, The Boys peaked demand expressions during its second week of release while none of the Marvel shows had more expressions than they had during the first week.

There’s one fact The Boys does – demonstrating that celebrities don’t affect if you have a strong concept and superb writing, and it illuminates admirably in both those ways, producing magic with both effectively unknown superheroes and almost unfamiliar actors.