Why A Simple Film Like Moonlight Became A Benchmark For Coming Of Age Genre


Everyone knows that Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture in the controversial Oscars of 2017. It was such a simple film, yet it left a lasting impact on me that I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks.

Moonlight was divided into three chapters of the younger years of a person — little, Chiron, and Black. The emotional abuse a child bears of drug-addicted parents was something I could Relate to on a deeper level. Finding strangers who help you for no reason at all, but kindness made me believe in the good of humanity again.

An adult influences us all in our younger years and no one knows how long can that influence last or even shape your whole life. Mahershala Ali’s Oscar-winning performance as Juan was that character from Moonlight. He gave Chiron a home and guided him to a path of self-discovery amid all the pain. That’s what sets it apart from other movies.

The thing with pain is, no matter how much or for how long you suppress it. One day it will come out in a way that will change your life again. One day, Chiron decided not to take it anymore, which turned out for the worse. Can we ever find solace in the arms of love? I think its the only place you can find it. Chiron learned something terrifying about himself, which he kept inside until his later years.

When you are unloved for so long that your memories are the only comforting place to be; you gorget to move on, growth and sexuality both find their way always. The meeting and revelations in the final meeting with Kevin taught me to forgive people; most of them are acting out of fear. They don’t know what to do. I should be sympathetic to that.