Who Is At The Most Risk From Novel Coronavirus?


It is time to be cautious, but not a time to panic. Panic never solved anything, and that won’t change anytime soon. Rumours, false claims, and sensationalism are more of an enemy than the novel coronavirus itself. We have to follow the rules and logic to keep our family safe while maintaining a mental poise. Any human can catch the Coronavirus, but few are at the most risk in this pandemic. To get a better understanding of the situation, I thoroughly read what WHO had to say about it.

Senior Citizens

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One thing is sure from the behaviour of the novel Coronavirus that it is taking the lives of people over sixty years in age. The death rate of older people is the highest. Whereas, the death rate among young people is negligible.

Heart Patients

Those who have an existing heart condition have a higher risk of falling ill with COVID-19 virus. People with a history of heart attacks and blood pressure have a high rate of falling ill.


Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Diabetic, Medicine, Insulin

Unfortunately, people with diabetes always are vulnerable to any health risk; it remains the same in the case of Coronavirus. If you have a family member with diabetes, please maintain distance from them and advise them to follow all the necessary precautions.


Smoking, Lighter, Dark, Cigarette, Tobacco, Cigar

Those who smoke have an unhealthy set of lungs, and the novel Coronavirus attacks our respiratory system most violently. If you or someone you know is a smoker, please quit it, for the time being, your life is at stake. Also, those who have a history of lung disease are vulnerable to the virus. People with asthma should also follow extreme caution.

Cancer Patients

I think you must be clear about the fact that the virus is more inclined towards people who have a medical history of conditions mentioned above. But, cancer patients need to be careful; they are already struggling with something life-threatening; Coronavirus will only make the matter worse.