Where To Eat In Mumbai: 5 Luxurious Restaurants You Must Try


Ever heard of Foodgasm? The sense of being complete after a delicious meal. You know the taste you get when you lick your fingers, the tasty feeling after seeing your Instagram perfect dish. If you want the true experience of fine dining, you can’t compromise with the ambience. The ambience of the dining is the first step towards perfection.
So some of the beloved luxurious restaurants you should try when in Mumbai-


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A place with a historic Arabic ambience, which is an appropriate choice for a lavish family dinner. My experience there was so good, be it with the super friendly staff or the food, which was literally mouth-watering and the ambience was heart-stopping. Turkish Middle Eastern Cuisines is one of the most recommended food here.


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A perfect rooftop getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life with your beau! This place gives you leisure dinner experience under a shimmered sky. The ambience is so magical that it will bring you here more than once. Every dish here has a very unique and oozing taste. A perfect place to go with your perfect one.


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A place you’ll go all ‘OH MY MY’ the moment you’ll enter. The ambience will leave you all stunned. It will give a perfect Arabian night or a middle eastern vibe. The interiors are so aesthetic which makes it perfect posh dinner with your friends or your better half. The staff and the food are soo good that it swiftly slides up in your heart.


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A perfect dine-out with your family. The place exhales richness and a subtle vibe. You will experience the grandeur and utmost hostility on your visit. The place has its speciality in cuisines and mocktails. The place is in one of the poshest areas of Mumbai, Vile Parle East.


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A special occasion calls in for special places, well this rooftop restaurant proffers a breathtaking view of the city. Despite that, the food here is said to be one of the tastiest food you will ever get to eat. The ambience will leave you mesmerized and astonished.