When I Came To Know Captain America Series Has Serious Mistakes


I know Captain America portrayed by Chris Evans is slowly becoming irrelevant and with the announcement of the new Captain America film with Falcon as lead is Marvel’s way ahead. Though no one will ever be able to touch the legacy of Chris Evans’ portrayal. I am still in awe, that he brought such a boring character to life. I mean he is just opposite to Tony and we all still adore him. His movies strengthened the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, you know what there are some mistakes in them? Yes, and I am going to tell you some of them.

  • Steve’s pants.

We all know that Bruce Banner when transforms into Hulk has the same pants on despite the size difference between the two. Something similar happened in The First Avenger after the experiment on Steve was successful. When Steve goes into the chamber to transform into his bigger self, he is wearing military pants and even after the experiment, he was seen in the same. It is strange for me to see because there was a huge change in his size before and after the experiment.

  • Zemo’s plan

Zemo’s plan in Captain America: Civil War was probably the best and it worked completely fine as he was able to achieve his mission and that’s breaking the Avengers up. Though, there are some things that are quite strange about it. Like, how did he know that the Winter Soldier killed Tony’s parents? Or, who told him about the Sokovia Accords beforehand? It looks like there are a lot of coincidences, but frankly, they are too much.

  • Civil War messes up the timeline of the whole MCU.

We know that the events shown in The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Iron Man 2 happened in the same week. And, the events shown in Civil War happened between 2010 to 2016. But, things get confusing when Vision opens his mouth and says that this has been going on for eight years. I mean, seriously? This is a big mistake on the part of Marvel because we know that they have done a great job in putting together the entire MCU perfectly according to the timeline. But, the one statement by Vision changes everything. It’s quite shocking to know that they did such a huge mistake.

If you know some more, let me know I am going to add them up.