What To Expect From Fargo Season 4


Winter is cold, but people are colder. This is the lesson I learned from watching Fargo these three years. In the distant and half-empty land of snow, people dive into the most shallow act of being. They kill without emotion, they live in fear, and they escape from the law.

Fargo took the crime-drama genre and gave it a complicated and personal angle. Every season there is a new story and new characters, which keeps the show fresh and fans engage. The anthology format of the show is one of the best aspects of Fargo, you are always satisfied at the end of the season.

The characters make the show so likeable, but yes it has a target audience, Fargo is not made for everyone. Chris Rock, the legendary comedian will play the primary character in the fourth season. If Chris Rock is doing a show, it means the script is promising. Chirs Rock is playing a crime lord who recruits runaways. His relationship with Kansas City Mafia has now become a power struggle. The show is set in 1950. The historical accuracy will be something I will be scrutinizing closely.

The cast of the show in an ensemble which also includes Ben Winshaw, Timothy Olyphant, Jessie Buckley, Uzo Aduba, and Jason Schwartzman. I think season 4 will open a can of worms, which will make a bloody mess, and instead of things being resolved, more and more graves will find their residents.