I am only 25, but I have had my fair share of migraine days. The head-spinning, buzzing sensations, and general discomfort that is induced by a migraine has taken so many meaningful days from me. I have coped with this vicious sensation for years, and have learned my lessons the hard way, which is: There is more than one way to control migraines. Yes, diet can help you, but more than that, you can bring true difference by altering your diet and making some lifestyle changes.

In case you didn’t know, some foods can actually trigger your migraine symptoms. Studies have found that early-onset migraine can be caused by culprits like MSGs, tannins, artificial sweeteners, nitrates, and sodium. ‘

The good news: by simply cutting off these food groups, you can keep either completely reduce or considerably ease the pain.

More than that, a controlled diet can also reduce the chance of recurring migraines.

If you wish to help others or help yourself, here are some of the food that reduces migraine:

PS. I am not a doctor or an expert. This is purely from my personal experience.

#1 Cherries

Cherries hit on a body compound called prostaglandin, which increases your sensitivity to the pain. With the help of anthocyanin and bioflavonoids, you can help control the pain nerves and subside tensions.

#2 Lemon, ginger and turmeric water

Drinking a load of this natural goodness can add to health in more ways than one. This has helped control my nerves a lot and something that I suggest to everyone, regardless of migraines.

#3 Add more fibre in your diet

You really need to amp up your fibre intake. Doing this made a world of difference for me, made me function better and prolonged my ease.

#4 Load up on water

If you are suffering from migraine, hydration is not enough. Here’s how I calculate water intake:

(Your weight / 10) – 2.

I weigh 70 kgs, and so, I make sure that I drink 5 litres of water every day. This has improved my overall well being and has helped with my intense migraine sessions.

Please do check with your physician and ask for alternative approach.

Take care!