What To Eat And Whatnot: Watch Your Weight During Diwali


There is winter weight that people gain around Christmas and New Years’ celebration around the world, and there is a Diwali belly that we stroll around with pride. All those Sweets and Namkeen that satiate our taste buds with love, also make us gain weight in kilos.

If you want to keep a check on the unnecessary weight you are about to put on in this festive season, let me tell you what should you eat the most and what to eat the least and why.

Deep-fried snacks: avoid

All those yummy snacks seem harmless while we binge eat them. But, they contain a large number of calories due to the oil they absorb. Sev, mixture, potato chips, harm all the same. If you can avoid Overeating it, you’ll be spared of the pain of working out to cut those calories.

Dry Fruits: eat

Eating dry fruits will help your cause to maintain a healthy weight. These nuts are a rich source of alkaline protein and healthful fatty acids that our body digests with ease. Dry fruits will keep you feeling full so that you won’t gorge on the deep-fried snacks.

Sweets: maybe

Sweets are treated as pious for Diwali. It is one of the major gifts that we give and receive. A piece of Kaju katli or some delicious Bengali sweet is okay, and enough. The refined sugar in the sweets will make you gain weight, which will be challenging to shed, so take it easy.