Ranthambore is a unique wildlife experience in India. Ranthambore is not just a national park but lands with historical value too. The ancient ruins in Ranthambore are a sight to behold.

A scenic tiger reserve, and a captivating land of various species of wildlife. Ranthambore is Rajasthan’s pride and a significant tourist attraction. There are three lakes in the area where you can witness the diversity of wildlife living in the circle of life. If you are planning to visit Ranthambore, these are the must-visit places to explore.

Ranthambore Fort

You will see the fort 5 kms inside from the entrance of the National Park Reserve. The fort is constructed on aa 700ft hill and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are several lakes around the fort where you can enjoy with your family as a picnic spot. Those who cherish history will find the fort amusing.

Surwal Lake

Home to beautiful birds who catch fish. It is a breathtaking view when you catch these beautiful creatures in the act, winter is their prime season to migrate here. The best time to enjoy the lake’s beauty is in the mornings.

Kachida Valley

The magnificent Black panther is a resident of the Kachida Valley. Apart from panthers, you will find a population of bears on these outskirts of the National Park. It is a Jungle Book like experience where you will see bears looking for honeycombs to steal honey. You will feel nostalgic if you get the chance to see some bears eating honey.

Trinetra Ganesh Temple

It is among the oldest temples of Rajasthan where large numbers of Ganesh devotees visit. You will find temples of all the family members of Lord Ganesh in the compound. Rumor has it that when king King Hammer was about to lose a siege in Ranthambore, his food stocks were about to end. Lord Ganesh appeared in front of him and assured him that he would receive adequate rations and win the war too, both the things happened the very next day. King Hammer then built the temple to worship Lord Ganesh.