What Separates Joker From Every Other Comicbook Movie Ever?


Joker is breaking records and winning hearts all over the world. Although some of the patrons have conflicted perceptions over the film but that’s because the movie is not made for a specific audience. The film was made with an independent mindset to give the greatest comic book villain a just origin.

We, as an audience, never knew that we needed to see the origin story of the clown prince of Gotham. What made him insane is what made the audience empathise with Arther Fleck. There is a victim inside all of us, a victim of circumstance, a victim of past, a victim of greed, or a victim of self. Arther Fleck was a victim of society; the world trivialised him because he was unique. A man who wanted to be kind, but was hated because he was different. This is what the world has always been, hate what you can’t grasp or relate to.

Till now, Joker was distinct because of his charming ruthlessness; today, he is different because he stood against evil with insanity. Any other comic book movie will work on a storyline with a target audience in their mind; Todd Phillips had the guts to defy the norms and write a story which was true to the character. The raw treatment of the film makes us uncomfortable to the depths only films like Shindler’s List have taken us to.

In comic book movies, heroes have superpowers, in Joker, Arther’s Superpower was his tragic laughter which evolved into slaughter. Amid all the darkness Arther lived, he sent the best message of all, “Put on a Happy Face, That’s life.”