What Makes Walking One of the Best Cardio Workouts?


Your cardiovascular health depends on the oxygen-rich blood that must reach your muscles, tissues, and organs all the time. Any fitness activity that can get your muscles, lungs, and heart work together can be a great cardiovascular (aerobic) activity.

Activities like swimming, cycling, running, remain the most popular forms of workout and it is super amazing if you regularly do any or all of these (maybe a triathlon). But your endurance and heart health can also be developed if you walk. All that you would ever require for this simple movement are a pair of comfortable shoes and a powerful motivation.

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Let us now get to know about benefits of walking-

  • Improved blood flow throughout the body.
  • Management of blood pressure.
  • Controlled blood sugar level, good for diabetics.
  • stronger heart and decreased risk of strokes.
  • Body Mass Index under healthy control.
  • Better brain functioning.
  • High energy levels later in the day.
  • Better sleep.
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It is suggested that a person must walk at least 10000 steps in a day and any more than that is a cherry on the cake. One can also improvise on walking by including ‘brisk walking’ into the routine. It will be a moderate-intensity workout and hence burn more calories in lesser time.

Also, there is this event called ‘Olympic Walking’ which takes walking performance to a whole different level. So in case you think walking is a leisure sport, you must consider having a look at the set of records.

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Anything between 3 mph to 6 mph can be your walking speed depending upon the level you stand at. Also, for a starter, you can go for 15-minute walks thrice a day rather than doing a 45-minute at once to let your body adapt slowly and gradually.

Ask your friends to join you or get some music in the ears, walking is fitness + fun.