What Makes A Star Is Born A Soulful Classic


When I first saw the trailer of A Star is Born, I never thought Bradley Cooper had such a great musician hiding in him. I couldn’t recognize lady Gaga as she was not wearing any weird clothes or makeup.

For those who don’t know, A Star is Born originally a 1937 drama movie which is adapted all over the world since. In short, directors have been making their rendition of the film since forever. By far, Bradley Cooper’s take on the original idea is my favourite.

What makes A Star is Born a timeless move is that it is a story of love, a journey of music, a miracle, and a man’s struggle within himself. All these elements are very tough for a director to pull off with heart and soul.

A Star is Born had a lasting impact on the audience because of the acting performances of Brad, Lady Gaga, and Sam Elliot. The way he looked into her eyes and sang those songs, I thought he was really in love with her. That is called a performance.

The songs in the movie have a life of their own; they are so deep, meaningful, and harmonious that you transcend into the film and it becomes a concert. This is a movie made by music lovers, and not for money but for the love of art. That’s why it is a special movie for all.

The dark parts of the movie are a reminder of how addictions can ruin lives and make you someone you are not. It also distances you from your family, which is heartbreaking in the first place. An addict’s mind becomes so delusional that it loses all hope; please don’t ever let it happen to you. Seek help; your loved ones are there for you.

Special mention tho the songs – “Maybe its time to let the old ways die,” and the Oscar winner “Shallow”.