What Large Scale Measures Are Needed To Prevent Climate Change


Climate change will not wipe humanity out of existence, but it will be apocalyptic. The planet as we know will change into something entirely new, but devastating in terms of climate, economy, survival, morality, and politics. The sea levels will rise and we may lose coastal land. The Government of Maldives has bought land in India in case the beautiful island country sinks. Yes, the situation is grave.

To understand climate change we must know what caused it. The coal we are burning to produce energy leaves smoke as a residue, all the vehicles we are driving generate several types of pollution. Eating meat is the biggest cause of climate change as it takes acres of land to feed one beef. It is essentially deforestation. Half a billion animals lost their lives in the Australian bushfires of 2019-20. We kill that many animals per day on the planet to make a meal out of them. No one releases such statistics because it’s bad for the business.

We have to talk practically as we are on the brink of extreme change. It is expected that we can enter a new ice age before the end of this century. Humans have survived until now because of adaptation. We adapt to change, but this change will change the world as we know it, and the planet is just not prepared for so many humans.

We need clean energy, we must repair our old nuclear plants and build a few new ones for sustainable energy. We have to stop using coal. Eating a minimum amount of meat and animals based products will save us, that is for sure. Switching to solar and electric vehicles in the future. Deforestation has to stop completely, we cannot afford to lose even one more tree now. Finally, we must remove the excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, which will restore the average temperature of the planet. These solutions are large scale solutions, if the leaders of the world act on it, we may just save ourselves in time.