What Is The State Of Gender Inequality Of India?


The female population of India is more than the male population, yet we are infested with a plague called gender inequality. I am not saying one gender is superior to the other, but I am advocating the fact that everyone is unique and they should be allowed the freedom to make their own decision and have a voice. For those who don’t know the history or only partially know it, mothers were the head of the families in India. I don’t entirely know what happened in these thousand years but we’ve constructed some really problematic and inequal practices and call them culture and society.

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Patriarchy is killing the dreams of so many little girls even today. We should impart courage to females and appreciate them. Without a mother, all of us won’t exist. According to the UN Economic Forum fact sheet, the participation of women in India’s GDP is 17%, which is very low in comparison to 37%, which is the global average. Who is at fault? We can be so powerful in terms of the economy if we let girls go to school and provide equal opportunities to work.

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Women empowerment is necessary because only 14% of the businesses in India are run by women. To encourage more female entrepreneurs United Nations, NITI Aayog, PM office has many financial plans to help. Budding entrepreneurs can visit banks for more information.

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We have a long road to travel in order to establish an equilibrium in terms of gender equality. India is growing and we need women to stand by our side while we become a completely developed country.