What Happens If You Eat Mold


Eating mould sounds very creepy, but you probably did it once or twice without even knowing it. Once you clean your fridge, you throw away the simply rotten items wrapped in something that is black, grey or fudge, and almost always disgusting.

But what if you want the majority of that cheese really to eat? And, worst, what if you skip it, and consume mould accidentally?

green succulent plants

The first thing that needs to be said, as with all the things you eat, is this: if you are allergic to it, you certainly shouldn’t have consumed it. But, we’re going to ignore that because if you’re allergic to “mould” you already know what to do or not.

What is MOULD?

Mould is one of the forms of fungi which is distinct from microbes, plants and animals. Moulds are eukaryotic micro-organisms which are parasitic organisms of dead organic matter like leaves, wood, and plants. The actual mould colonies ‘ spores and hairlike structures are too tiny for us to see without a microscope. When a good amount of mould grows on a surface it often turns out to be black, blue or green.

shelf fungus on tree

Is it safe to eat mould?

There are usually two sides which will tell you how to reach the conclusion. One good, and one bad. So, let me tell you about the good aspect first.

Generally speaking, moulds are not bad for you in fact, some moulds are even good for you, or otherwise improve food, as in those fancy smelly French cheeses. When you eat mould obviously don’t think about it. When you feel sick then perhaps the mould is a concern, but it is most definitely not.

Now, moving towards a bad one. If the food is mouldy, this might be old and contaminated with microorganisms. Things instead that is not good for you. If you’re in a strong-risk group for all these stuff, or pregnant and trying to ignore listeria, then you need to stop old rotten food, and the mould itself, while not toxic. This is an indicator that the food is aged.

green Starbucks disposable cup near two breads

First Worlders are much more concerned than required, about rotten food and throw away the majority of decent food, I personally consider. Try to be less squeamish and test your privacy before you delete stuff that worries you.

If you’ve always taken a loaf of bread and made a sandwich. You’re not alone and then discovered that the bread was mouldy, but that doesn’t make you feel any better. It smells bad and looks disgusting. So it is natural to wonder whether there are any adverse health effects caused by mould.