What Can You Do To Keep Your Pets Safe This Diwali


The festival of lights is almost here, but it isn’t great for everyone. Diwali is an uneasy and hectic time for every pet and their owner. I can understand this because my family had pets even before the time was born. The stressful overburden of light and sound around the pets not for one day but a whole week around can irritate anyone. Imagine someone shouting in your ears constantly for no reason. I am sure you will get frustrated, so am I. But, we can speak and take necessary steps, though animals can’t. All we can do is be watchful so we can protect stray animals and birds getting caught in these circumstances.

Here are some of my suggestions.

For a couple of years, I’ve made certain rules so that my dogs don’t come in touch with something that might lead to skin diseases and allergies by using environment-friendly materials whenever it is conceivable.

Most of the times, it is advisable to keep the gates and windows sealed to obscure sounds and sparks from fireworks. Try placing your pets in an area where there is less noise, if viable.

Take a few provisions to safeguard your pet does not get affected by pollution. For me, keeping them entertained by playing or by stepping up the volume of the tv works most of the occasion.

I for most cases maintain the details of local NGO contacts/municipal boards/ vet(s) in the situation I find a mutilated animal in my parish or on the road.

This period is an enduring nightmare for street dogs, and they are more sensitive to the adverse effects of Diwali. Many strays end up being harmed because of firecrackers or hysterical attacks owing to the boom of crackers. Little efforts of sympathy do not wrong anybody, and in most arguments, I shoot my best to hand over them a suitable and straightforward shelter with a bowl of water and food.

I don’t know about you, but my pets are my stress-busters, henceforth I am taking their extra care this Diwali and would request you to do the same.